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Dear Netizen! - Welcome to the Website of the
Danish Society for Direct Democracy

(last update: August 1,  2016)

Note that new service is now provided: A selection of White Papers (downloadeable documentary) on Danish Referendums is available
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bulletLatest news on Denmark (last updated August 2016)
bullet International Reactions to the Danish NO to the Euro bullet Background of the 2000-Campaign bullet History of the 2000-Campaign (Day to Day Highlights) 

The Danish Society for Direct Democracy...


The Danish Society for Direct Democracy  is a nonpolitical issue group devoted to the empowerment of citizens. We strongly favor popular initiatives, referendums, recalls etc.


The Society has initiated a lot of activities aimed at facilitating the goals of the society.


On this site we have provided some information concerning direct democracy that may prove useful for the international audience .


Note, that the Danish version of this site still has much more content than the English language version. However, we are continuously  working on the English content of the site. So, we expect it to be significantly better in the months to come.

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ws/ Articles by VIP's  (Copyright by The Society)

wpe7.jpg (2687 bytes) Danish Referendums in the 20th century (Link to the web of the Danish Parliament)



  The Wording of Danish Constitution (in Danish and English)

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  Danish Polls on Referendums, Popular Initiatives etc.

White Papers (downloadeable documentary) on Danish Referendums

wpeA.jpg (1980 bytes) A selection of books on direct democracy and peoples empowerment  


Humor (Comic strips on Democracy)

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 How to contact us

Last modified: August 1, 2016