A few headlines in the international press are provided below. If you want more press comments, just consult the international press issues dated September 29th.

The Sun, September 29 2000

Newsweek, October 9 2000

Time, October 9 2000


"The Danish constitution requires either an 80 percent majority in the Parliament or a referendum before the government can hand over any sovereignty to an international body. Therefore, Danish voters have the opportunity to discuss and decide on the monetary union. If voters in Germany had been given the same chance, they would probably have rejected the monetary unit with a larger majority than the Danes. There is a gap between the European Union created by politicians and the Europe wanted by most of the population."

    - Georg Strom, Lejre, Denmark in Newsweek, October 30 2000

"With the rejection of the Euro, Denmark has shown the true value of democracy. Its citizens decided via a referendum that they preferred to maintain their own currency rather than to adopt that of the European Union. Their vote will most definitely influence the long-awaited decisions of Britain and Sweden and contribute to reduced confidence in a number of euro countries. It will also show all participating nations the value of a true referendum by the people as opposed to the decisions made by a bunch of international politicians gathered around conference tables in Brussels and Strasbourg."

   - Pete Homburg, Castricum, Netherlands in Time, November 6 2000